About Me

My name is Nikole Gee. I’m a homeschool mom of 4 and grandma of 2. I love camping and crocheting. I was born and raised in Bartlesville OK and have lived outside Atlanta GA for 25 years. I love meeting new people and supporting home based businesses. I want to be able to help people.
Why do I support direct sales and affiliate marketing businesses? A friend posted this not long ago and it struck me as 100% my why:

-That’s a lot for a pair leggings.
-I can get wax melts at Walmart for cheaper.
-Flintstone vitamins work just fine.
-Monat, I don’t need that, I use that Mane and Tail shampoo for horses!
-Who pays that much for mascara?
-Pink drink… I said I take Flinstone vitamins!
-Greens… I drink V8, it has a serving of veggies and fruits!
-Lose weight, my cousin drinks that apple cider vinegar stuff and she lost 5 lbs once!
-Acne? Clearasil has worked for me and is cheap.
-Wrinkles? I’ll just wear my hair in a tight bun.
-I don’t need fancy cookware, I just buy new ones from Walmart every few months.
-Ulta and Sephora have good deals, sometimes.
-I can buy affordable jewelry at Walmart.
-My gummy vitamins help my hair grow, I think.
-That much for books? Half price books has some in decent shape, right?
-I buy slimfast, their shakes are just as good…
-Wraps? I’ll just use some Saran Wrap and Prep H and sweat out my fat, same thing, right??


Here’s why👇👇

Most direct sales companies offer not only Superior products in their category, but financial freedom to their owners. And no, the money you are spending on non quality products actually doubles when you have to replace or buy new products that never worked at all.
Direct sales aren’t always well received, and that’s fine. For some reason when your friend starts selling these things, many of us find every reason to not support them, rather than the big corporations. But what if you were helping your friend pay for her kids Christmas?!
If you are a distributor, ambassador, representative, presenter, consultant or owner of your own business then I’m sure you’ve heard this reasoning from your friends☝️☝️
*If I have the chance to support my friends, over a billion dollar company that doesn’t care about me, or their product quality, I’m going to.

#supportsmallbusinesses #shopsmallbusiness