This is something everyones been looking for and can benefit from. Trunited was established over 2 years ago.
What if you could shop, share and get cashback on all your purchases and match the cashback your friends get too.?

If you’re wondering how in the worldTrunited works, here’s the simplest way to show it.

Booking a hotel through Trunited‘s Priceline affiliate link and Priceline pays Trunited a commission for the lead.
That money then gets added to a common pool and distributed to the members who contributed to the pool.
Booking with Priceline, via Trunited, saved my friend $3000 vs booking through the hotel’s website,
BUT Trunited will earn $417 in commissions and he got awarded 417 profit points which will earn him money at the end of the month based on the total payout pool minus expenses.

100% of the people who shop and earn points will earn during the pay period – the only way to not earn is to not shop. Simple enough.
Now, when you multiply this by thousands of brands and thousands of people, you have a platform that is very simple to engage with and with it being Free, like creating a Facebook profile, there’s nothing to lose. Trunited are paying out to members who simply do what I am doing sharing with you here. The amount that is paid out is completely up to those who shop.

How it gets divided is a conversation for another day, but suffice it to say that everything is built on an algorithm that is being called the fairest distribution model ever created in an earn back platform and at least 5 times more generous than anything out there.

Bring your buying power and enjoy what we call Socialized Commerce, SoComm for short, which puts the power in the hands of the consumer.

We are growing and looking for shoppers who buy online and want to earn when they shop. #socomm #trunited #shopshareEarn

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