Wildflower Boutique was started by two women with the same love and hope for a better tomorrow. When we first tossed around the idea of opening up our own boutique, we knew a few things that we wanted and were not willing to sacrifice— product quality, faster shipping time for the direct sales world, and the option to help others. We spent the next few months scouring for suppliers that provided high-quality products. Our next goal was to eliminate the long shipping times that you get with other companies. We strive to make sure our items are delivered in a week or less. Sometimes with custom products, the shipping time can be a bit longer but we make sure your item is delivered as promptly as possible without having to sacrifice the quality of work. Our final goal— to help others, we are happy that the Wildflower Affiliate Program has been able to help people of all walks of life to be able to earn an additional income. We are extremely happy to announce that we will be offering fundraisers and featured families or charities that we will be spotlighting and sending funds to help their cause. As we approach our ½ way mark in our first year of business, we are proud to say we continue to work daily to bring you new products and better prices. We would like to take this time to thank each one of our customers— past, present, and future! You guys rock and allow us to keep the Wildflowers blooming!

The Wildflower Affiliate program was created by two women with the same dream. Our dream for our Affiliate program was simple- to start a company where women (and men) can grow their business and advance through the company ranks. Most direct sales company have high monthly quotas that you have to reach in order to maintain your rank. Too many women (including us), have lost rank that was earned do to hard work and was taken away after having a bad sales month. Most of us started in direct sales to have the freedom from the heavy chains that the 9-5 job creates. Instead, with a huge quota, you can find yourself having to work harder and spending more time away from your family. Well, with Wildflower Boutique, you can lose the fear of not being able to reach that crazy high, unrealistic quota. We realize that life happens and sometimes your business has to take the back seat. Whatever the reason may be, we do not want to strip you from something that you have worked hard to earn. We want you to be able to reach your new ranks and not lose them. We want you to continue to grow with us! It is our hopes to continue to increase in size so we can offer even more benefits to our Affiliates. We cannot succeed without our amazing Affiliates and wonderful customers! If you have not yet become a Wildflower, we encourage you to take advantage of our FREE sign up period and hop aboard for a journey that has the potential to change your life!

Much Love,

Kim + Jade

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